Leaf Alert. Great Walks Magazine, April 2011

It’s been quiet on the walking front lately, as the weather has been way too warm for me. My cut off temperature in regards to comfort is 15 °C, which doesn’t happen very often in April. Actually, I think my thermostat has conked out in regards to the way I feel the heat.

I went to a doctor once and sought advice, “Doc, my thermostat has broken. What do you think?” The doctor looked over his glasses with a blank face and said, “If that was the case, you’d be dead”. Okay, that’s that then. Forty dollars wasted!


Great Walks – April/May 2011

It’s not all quiet on the hiking front though. There’s a hiking magazine called ‘Great Walks’, which is published six times a year. It’s not too bad and I’m more of a fan now, as I sent in a picture and they actually published it.

Instead of a standard landscape style photo, I went for a leaf shot. Yeah, I know, you don’t have to tell me I’m a wild man, as I’m aware of this already. If there’s a leaf photo to be taken, then I’m your ‘leaf fetish’ bloke.

Anyway, I urge everyone in the universe (might as go all the way) to go out and buy the Great Walks magazine April edition. Even if you have to skip a couple of meals this week, it’s worth it (how much food do you want? It only costs $7.95). On page 32 you’ll see the leaf photo and you’ll be taken aback by the blurb I sent in with it.


The photo at top left looks familiar.

I guess if you have a portable Hubble telescope you’ll be able to read the picture caption above. If not, then I suggest you put on your slippers, grab a cup of tea, your hookah and sit back with seatbelt fastened to take in my inspired gibberish.

‘This was taken during a hike of the Great Ocean Walk. The section of track is fairly nondescript in that it follows a vehicle track for a majority of the time. I began to look for the detail in my overall surroundings and I noticed leaves in tannin-stained water. It reminds me of the beauty that can be found in the detail whilst hiking.’

I think I could do a job in writing advertisements, as I could talk up any old crap. By the way, how do you feel now? I can imagine you’ve just thrown your hookah across the room and are now sprinting for your hiking boots. The inspiration from my photo caption has created this urge to hike immediately.

What about your pack? Your pants? No, okay, hit the outdoors right now and feel the rush of the wilderness, whilst being careful of the cars outside your driveway. If you haven’t left already I thought I should show you another view of the leaf, so just for your enjoyment, here it is again. I’m sure you are now in love with it and not remotely tired of having it rammed down your throat in this blog entry.