Another ruin, another sunset. Wonthaggi.

A month or so ago, I re-walked a circuit around Wonthaggi. I’d previously completed this stroll a few years back and wrote a post about it.

Really, it’s a comfortable way to walk 20 km. A deserted beach, a bird watching area, no hills and if you time it right, you’ll get a bit of history thrown in with your sunset, which is what’s happening in this picture.

The structure in the photo is the remains of ‘No 5 Brace’ and it sits within the long abandoned Wonthaggi State Coal Mine Central Precinct. You can see the building in my post about the walk and I must admit, it’s deteriorated quite a bit more than I expected since I saw it two years ago.

I do like a sunset photo and I must admit, they’re quite an easy image to take. Get the horizon in the right spot, maybe include some object in the foreground and off-set it, underexpose slightly and if the stars align, then my job is done.

Oh, it does help to have a nice glow to the sky and a few accompanying clouds though. I might be able to control the camera in a situation like this, but alas, I haven’t worked out a way to control the weather. Maybe next year.