Polariser Blue

If you’ve been visiting this blog for a while, you would have read about the freestyle, polariser filter abuse on my camera.

Little do you know, but I haven’t used one for a few years now. Since switching to full frame, I always use a lens hood and as anyone has tried, altering the polariser is a little annoying when the hood is on. So, although I still carry one in my pack, I rarely screw it on.

I guess the ability to recreate a polariser effect of cutting glare, within a computer program from the comfort of my armchair, means they’re not needed so much any more. Yeah yeah, I know, ‘best to do it in camera than back home on the computer’, but ease of use comes into it. As it is, I think most of my photography is a series of compromises.

Anyway, the vivid blue sky in this photo is sans polariser and really, it looks more or less the same if one was on.

Oh, I almost forgot. I gave it up for a while, as I lost one on a walk once. Yeah, I’ll write about that stroll one day, as I actually re-did, just to find the polariser.

Guess what? I didn’t.