Autumn Leaves, Kyneton Botanic Gardens.

Quite a few times over the past year I’ve pondered a move to Kyneton. There are plenty of incentives. Real estate prices are not horrific, it’s only an hour to Melbourne on the train, food and coffee is good, plus it’s sufficiently art-wankerish for my liking.

Also, there’s some casual wandering room, through the Botanic Gardens with the Campaspe River alongside. It’s quite a nice way to spend a day in the cooler months when everyone else is hunkered down next to a heater.

What are the downsides? It’s a long way from the coast and I do like the ocean, plus the chicken I bought from there a few weeks ago (mentioned in my Merrell post) was modelled on one of those rubber comedy numbers. Upon receiving it, I should have taken it to the local museum and asked to have it displayed as a historical piece. Alas, I was too hungry.