Malmsbury Viaduct, Malmsbury

Ah yes, this is one of those great post ideas which got away. I planned to take pictures of the Malmsbury/Coliban Viaduct in Malmsbury, in a similar style to my Taradale Viaduct entry. You know, a sort of ‘then and now’ format.

I’m holding a copy of a photo taken between 1945 and 1954 of a steam train on top. I’d say passing over, but I’m pretty convinced it’s not moving for the photo op.

I’m also grasping a few different images, which are taken from different angles and printed from the State Library of Victoria website.

My aim was to align the pictures into the position the ye olde photographer stood on and thrill you all with my reproductions.

Alas, the photos on the day weren’t inspiring and the photo above has a problem. There’s a visual drama, which I didn’t really consider at the time. The piece of paper I’m holding is actually level. The trouble is, if I use it as it’s shot, the bridge looks like it’s at right angles and heading down a hill, so I’ve rotated the picture to level the viaduct. I thought I’d tell you, so you don’t say, ‘why didn’t he hold the old photo level? Is he drunk?’ Anyway, as a result of all this, I decided a return trip was required to do it all again, plus combine it into a night shoot. The problem is I haven’t got around to it. Maybe one day.

Did you know this structure is the largest masonry bridge in Victoria, and when completed in 1862, it was Australia’s longest stone bridge? I didn’t.